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Conscious Loving

“Let’s dance the dance on consciousness, together, hand and hand, heart and heart through conscious loving!”

Heather Rhea Dawn

Welcome to this sacred journey to divine connection, bliss and ecstasy! Allow me to be your guide to conscious relating…I am a healer, an educator, a dancer and a lover of life! I look forward to supporting you on your path to conscious loving!

What is Conscious Loving?

This powerful work is bringing consciousness to every aspect of relationship…through communication, touch, movement & presence. Whether you are single or in partnership relationship begins within, with one’s self…as we build that relationship, all relationships around us get more delicious! This is about embracing all emotions, everything about the self and one another and sharing our truth with the other…and learning how to speak from a place of heart so the other can hear and feel you. It is slowing everything down so we can be in complete authenticity with ourself and our beloved! As so many times we are in such a hurry that we miss what is really going on within. Conscious loving is also learning the skills of being an exquisite lover and knowing how to touch, breathe, eye gaze, connect in heart space with your beloved. I guide workshops for couples, singles, women and I coach women on empowerment and embodiment, and couples on living consciously in relationships to live in ecstasy, truth and authentic with each other in the most loving ways!


Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage Workshop

This is a beautiful yoni workshop that gives women a chance to be touched without a goal or agenda. With teaching a variety of strokes it can provide great sexual healing and yummy erotic pleasure. This sacred massage can take you on a journey right into your womanhood. You will experience a type of revering touch that you have never experienced before!

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We will start with some movement to get into our bodies, meditation, energy connection, setting intentions, I will go through massage techniques to relax the body, and in the afternoon I will do a live demo as well as we will all practice this work on the partner you came with.

For men…learning these strokes support you in giving a woman sexual healing and you for you to be a better lover. With presence and practice these teachings and strokes will help you get to know, listen and give exquisite pleasure to a yoni. This takes place in a sacred and safe environment.

Shakti’s, this is your time to completely receive, drink in love from the heart and hands of your partner…to be adored and cherished…to heal old wounds and open to the freedom of ecstasy. No need to perform…you will feel what you feel, and you will be honored exactly where you are at. This is your time. And men, you will learn how to honor the Goddess that your woman is while learning massage and yoni strokes for her pleasure and healing. This is a sacred practice of tantric arts, may you take it home and continue this practice for years to come!

I request you make time to go to dinner with your partner after the workshop to integrate and unwind from such a sacred ritual of healing and pleasure. This supports both of you to ground and go back into the world, even if you two are not partners, and just met, this is such a sacred time together and it honors the ritual you both created together for the day.

You must have your own partner…bring a friend, lover and spouse.

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Lingam Massage

Lingam Massage Workshop

Women, if you want to pleasure your man’s lingam until he feels like he is in heaven on earth…this is your class. You will learn to multiply his pleasure, and have him feel so very honored and loved as well as possibly heal woundings around his lingam and heart!

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Men, if you want your beloved to learn a variety of strokes for your lingam, to bring you more pleasure and ecstasy…this is the place to start! Singles are welcome but you must be paired with a partner before registering.

This massage can take a male of any age on a rite of passage…into manhood, into healing and opening to more pleasure and joy in his life. This work is sacred and wakes up the whole body and even more so, wakes up more nerve ending in the lingam for more pleasure, and women will learn how to touch in a way that will drive you wild in a good way! Shiva’s, relax into your pleasure and completely receive…this will be your time, no need to give back, just to have full attention on you. No need to perform this afternoon, only feeling what you feel in this moment. You will be touched and pleasured in ways you may never have been touched before! This takes place in a sacred and safe environment.

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Sacred Tantric Massage for Couples

Deepen Intimacy through Ceremony, Breath, Communication, Touch & Eye Gazing

Embrace Your Sensuality Together as Beloveds

Learn the art of Tantric Touch & Massage to pleasure your partner

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This is a sacred massage, one where presence, heart, sensuality, your own sexiness comes together with your passion and love and fires this massage into deeper union with your partner. Without Presence in our touch, our voice, our eyes, our hearts, there is nothing…so tonight we will bring our whole being into the now, into our touch and be whole and one with ourselves and our beloved!

In this workshop we will be learning:

Setting up Tantric Ceremony for Intimate Connection Communication
Honoring Your God/Goddess
Connecting heart and soul throughout the whole massage
Bask in Your Pleasure
Open to more Love & Bliss
Being Given Fully to
Opening to Sound and Breath
Learning the Sacred Art of Tantric Massage
Play, have fun, giggle with your sweet heart

Space is limited

*You will work with the partner you bring*

I will be guiding you through how to connect deeper, how to set up the space, how to breathe together, giving you ideas on how to speak to one another in sacred space and how to be in a nurturing position that allows presence and love to shine through all your chakras and cells!

I will be doing a demonstration of this massage and then talking you through step by step, with giving you some space to be your own guide and dance your hands own rhythm over your partners body!

You are always at choice with everything…though I invite you to come and be in your birthday suit for this or as bare as you’d like…a bathing suit or g-string is beautiful. I hold a space of safety and the sacred for you to be your full delicious self!

Come bask & enjoy a conscious evening with your beloved! Bring an open heart, a desire to learn, passion for life!

**Partners can be opposite sex, same sex, a friend, lover or husband/wife. Bring someone you want to have fun, learn with and massage with presence and intimacy!

*No Experience Necessary!

***This is a couples/paired partner event.

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BodyDance Massage
Body-to-Body Sensual & Erotic Massage

Intro to BodyDance Masssage
Are you ready to increase your intimacy as you glide across your partners body….massaging with your whole body, dropping into utter bliss and growing the passion between you! It’s time to connect….relax and breathe in a new you as we set the space for love and sensuality to flow between you!

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 The room will be set with soft music, candle light, a relaxing environment, all you’ll need is your partner and we are ready to go!

This sacred massage dance opens the heart to the divine within so you can share it with the beloved or friend before you. As you massage body to body the love within you grows and goes into the other and cycles through as the massage gets more and more intense, sensual and possibly erotic.…if you choose!

This massage combines massage, breath, sound, Contact Improv (no experience necessary), Tantra and deep presence. This work takes you out of your head and into your body and into deep intimacy with your partner. It can be playful, fun, erotic, intense, full of love and light and most of all increases intimacy and sensuality in your relationship.

This is a non-sexual massage, though there is sexual energy involved…what you do with this outside the classroom…I will leave that up to your imagination!! But within the confines of the classroom, there will be no sexual activity, though there will be nudity and touching of full chest…this is why it is important for you to come with a partner that you are fully comfortable sharing touch with.

You will be using your whole body in this massage….this is the place to let go of your inhibitions and shyness, and embrace the lover that you are in your sensual body…and be free!

I will be doing a demonstration of the massage, different techniques and then it will be your turn to practice with each other.

*This is for Couples/Partners/Friends only. You will work ONLY with your partner that you come with
***This workshop does sell out! So make sure you register as soon as you know you want to join us!

First part of the class I will be teaching the basics of tantra and movement and doing the demo…then both partners will massage the other, with me guiding and demoing through most of the class.

I will be teaching you how to connect and use your body to massage your partners body…which means breathing, balancing, how to hold your weight and when to give it. I will show you how to use your full body to massage your partner, not just your hands and arms…but feet, chest, butt, belly, chin and back!

“Amazing experience!! Heather created an atmosphere that could be described in one word – utopia. Definitely a highlight experience of my life, and I have never felt more connected to a partner before. Truly a life-changing experience. Heather knows how to deliver an oxytocin high like no other!!!”

All partners can be – opposite sex, same sex, a friend, lover or married. Just bring someone you want to have fun and rub naked on and you are good to go!

*No Experience Necessary!

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The Art of Touch – How to be a Better Lover

Learn how to touch your lover in the most delicious ways!
Do you want to be a better lover?
This is not a massage class

This is a class on how to touch, and it is about the energy behind the touch and how to touch your partner from that energy. From the softest, feathery touch to the animalistic, rough, scratching types of touch. Bringing in the energy of the sensual to the erotic

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Opening your being to more pleasure as the Giver AND the Receiver!

What will be Covered:
Different ways to touch physically
Touching energetically
Opening deeper to presence
How intention & your mind effects your touch
Being invited to open to new sides of you in your touching
Learning to be a better giver and receiver
Deepen into your love and passion with your partner
All of this is to deepen into intimacy, be a better lover and fall deeper in love or back in love with your partner!

For Couples & Paired Friends, no singles
*Space is limited

*No sex will be in class*

You can keep your bottom underwear on, bra or Al Naturale- your choice!
Being a touch-o-holic my whole life, healer and massage therapist I love teaching people how to touch! I love that this work brings so much bliss into peoples lives! My intention is to support people in having better love lives  on all levels!

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Hang tag diecuts

Sacred Sensation Play

The first one went so well…I am bringing it back for more and LONGER!!!

Combining the sacredness of Tantra and soft BDSM in order to open all your senses to more pleasure in sensation play!

Imagine opening yourself to a bigger body of sensation!
Find out what you love, or visit old loves or find new loves in sensation!

Be held in a safe container to explore
You are always at choice to play or not play with certain sensations
Boundaries are set and honored

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We will go over:
Light touch
What you can do with your hands and body
How to use simple items to create amazing sensations
As well as learn about some toys that you can play and explore with
I will be demonstrating what you can do with pervertibles. Pervertibles are a common household object that can be “perverted” for a sexual use, such as spanking!

Go to the depth of what ever you are comfortable with and Hell Yes to.
There will be no fire or blood or fluid play

*This is for Couples/Partners/Friends only. You will work ONLY with your partner that you come with.

I have a Find a Partner Page for Singles

This is to deepen your pleasure and awaken your body up even more, and that may include the bit of pain for your own delight, if you so choose.

I will be doing a demo and showing you what you can do and talking you through some exercises throughout the night you may want to explore.
*No Experience Necessary!

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Women, How to Ask for What You Want in Sex!

Do you want to learn how get what you want in bed women?

Does your voice just fail you when it comes to asking your partner for something different sexually?

Learn different ways to ask for the oral sex you want and how to show a man how to pleasure you with his hands.

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I hear from so many women that they are not satisfied in bed…and they don’t know how to ask for what they want…all their fears come up and timidness…well. Well this workshop is for you if you want to learn how to speak your desires! It isn’t just asking for what you want…that is only one part of is HOW you ask for it!

We will go over:
Different techniques of Oral sex
How to ask for what you want with a mans hands, mouth and body!
Share experiences
Get coached on certain experiences to make them juicier
Movement and body awareness
Meditation and guided visualizations to manifest what you desire

This workshop is for women to share, to bond, to learn and grow together and feel more empowered in their sex lives!

For Women ONLY! I

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Yoni Mouth Music – Oral for Her

Do you want to learn more on how to pleasure your woman orally?

Do you sometimes just not know what to do while you are “down there”? And need some helpful suggestions?

Women, do you want to practice asking for exactly what you want?

This workshop is to support partners of women to pleasure women orally, as well as to empower women to ask for what they want and share how they want to be pleasured!

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I hear from so many men, and some women that they just don’t know what they are to do in oral, so they keep it to only their hands. As that is what they know.
And I hear from women that they either don’t know what they like in oral or they don’t know what or how to ask for what they want.

We will cover:
What you need to know about the female body to support you in being amazing at giving oral (as it isn’t all about technique)
Anatomy of a woman
Different techniques of Oral sex
How you, women, can ask for what you want with partners hands and orally
Share experiences
Get coached on certain experiences to make them juicier
Movement and body awareness
Answering questions
Practice (optional)

This workshop is to bring you and your partner closer, more deeply connected, learn how to communicate what pleasures her…and how that pleasures you as her partner too!

The first part of this workshop I will be sharing about oral, techniques, going over anatomy, and answering questions. This is for anyone. Singles and couples.

The second part of the workshop is for couples ONLY who want to practice this work and for me to guide them through practices.
Couples can be of any sex or orientation, as long as there is a yoni present for the practice part! Yoni- means Sacred Space, it is ones Vulva.

I look forward to sharing this delicious workshop with you!

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Authentic Connecting

A Night of Deep Connection Practices

Are you ready to have real and authentic connections? And have fun doing it?

Are you desiring to have those deep intimate conversations that really touch the core of you?

Do you want conscious, caring touch to fill up on in a safe environment?

Well, here you are, a night of deep Authentic Connecting! It is safe, powerful, fun and it’s a great way to meet people in a way!

We will be exploring different ways to connect…in and out of physical connection…with movement, breath, eye contact, words, bring your playfulness, truth, realness and readiness to be you…I intention is these practices will leave you feeling empowered and connected!

This is held in a safe space, it is a powerful to share your heart with others, plus it is fun and a great way to meet people in a way that builds community.

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Which in this huge city, sometimes people can feel lonely and wonder where to meet really amazing people and have those heart filled conversations and connections. So here you are!

“Best $25.00 I spent ever”!
I heard from 2 students halfway through tonights class!

You are always at choice at anything we do! This work is about self empowerment! You are encouraged to use your voice!

Come and connect!


Most people go around talking only on what is at the surface level- “what do you do for a living?”, “what are your hobbies”?

So this event is going to be a night to shelf that kind of sharing…of course you can ask those questions on the break or after, nothing wrong with those questions…and this night is about creating an evening to go deep, be as vulnerable as you care to share and you are always at choice on how you participate and what you participate in. As it is always about honoring you first! And then honoring others!

There will be time to connect from 9-10pm.

This evening is designed where there will be partnered practices and group exercises.

Highlight from one person:
“Hearing how related I was to everyone here and how much I learned from everyone”.


Our desire is that you will come away with…

Meeting new friends
Get to know yourself and others
Build trust within yourself and others
Feeling connected to others and empowered in yourself
Set clear boundaries with care
Feeling honored and honoring others
Fill up on caring touch within your boundaries
Learn some exercises on communicating deeply
Have fun in the process!

What one person shared…
“I go through life not wanting to talk to people. And I loved how I felt connected to everyone here.”


Practices may include a combo of…
Movement, Tantra, Cuddling, Massage, Conscious Communicating, Boundary Setting, Relationship Empowerment, Conscious Touch, Partner Yoga & more!

Walk away with a felt sense of connectedness, open heartedness, trust, feeling cared for and caring for others, a deep relatedness and being seen, all while feeling safe!

For those who aren’t familiar with Tantra…this is a sacred spiritual practice that deepens your connection to self and others…it awakens the senses, body, connects you to the present moment and it has many practices to open your heart and free you mind. Many feel Tantra is all about sex, there are practices within Tantra that are sexual, though for these events we will be keeping the event with a heart opening, pink and white Tantra.

To give you a bit of info on cuddling, this is a G- rated practice, meaning clothes stay on, hands stay out of the bikini areas of the body. We practice a lot about boundaries in cuddling and asking for what we want and learning how to honor our yes’s and no’s and others as in a beautiful manner!

All of the practices are chosen to connect you with you and with others in a heartfelt, connected, safe way that has feel filled up!


What people are saying about Authentic Connecting…

“I needed my tank filled, so it is good!”

“I feel very good, this is out of my norm. I’m usually an observer. It is comforting to be in it! I find it funny how there is something familiar about everyone here.”

“Awesome! Fun! I’m glad I came!”


Come solo or as a couple, everyone is welcome!

I look forward to deepening our community connection.
Bliss, Heather

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Shakti’s Pleasure Retreat

Pleasure is our Right Women!

It is time for us to embrace our pleasure, our bodies and our femininity as Goddess, as Woman, as Divine Priestess and Healer of Our Self.

Some sisters have gone to healers that do not honor you, some sisters have had really bad sex, or trapped trauma that is just waiting to be released…and now is the time, with your own trusted hands!

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And if you haven’t had trauma…this workshop will take you to your next level of pleasure and freedom within your pleasure!

In this workshop we will:
Dance and celebrate out feminine essence
Embrace your power as a woman
Release blocks from our pleasure
Be guided into deeper pleasure
Learn how to be our own healer- as the healer is within us
Learn to do sacred spot massage on yourself
Expand techniques of pleasure
Connect deeply into sisterhood

Through movement, meditation, sharing with each other, being guided through ancient techniques that have opened and healed thousands of women before you…we gather to call in our power, our truth, our passion and our ecstasy of our hearts, minds and yoni’s (our sex).

Please bring a G-spot wand or you can buy one here.

The group will be doing some simple touching, all intimate touching will be doing with yourself only, at the level that honors you!

I look forward to supporting you into deeper pleasure!

Bliss, Heather

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A Night of Intimacy & Connection

Deepening into Presence
Would you like more intimacy in your life?This night is about intimacy & connecting deeply 

Combining Tantra, Yoga, Intimacy Skills & Body Awareness to deepen your heart space with others and to raise awareness through touch and communication…allowing your body to dance more into ecstasy and bliss!

The practice of Tantra is to open to presence and your energy centers and share them with others through touch, opening the senses, communication and awareness.

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You will move around the room asking questions, doing exercises to open your heart, senses and being to connect with each person in the room.

We will drop into a verbal intimacy with presence and attention, as well as touch.

*There will be no nudity or sexual touch.

Come, open your hearts, allow yourself to open to your core in a safe and loving environment.Couples, and singles are welcome to come as paired friends, if you are singles you can move around the room to other partners, I do ask the couples to move around the room to connect with others in the first few minutes of the workshop, but you are always at choice…it’s a gift to connect with others!

What to bring: layers of clothing, a bottle of water, an open heart and mind and friends/partner/lover

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Guidelines :

All workshops are prepaid, once paid the address will be sent out.

Refund policy: 

I do not give refunds.

Transfer :

If you need to cancel you can find someone to take your place, or if you are a couple, you need to find a couple to take your place or two singles willing to go together (if it’s a couples event). If you are a single and you have promised to come with another single please keep your promise to that person. If you don’t, you still owe the money to the person even if you cancel and can’t go. Unless the other or you find a replacement for you. If you do find a replacement then you need to talk to me about switching out your name for theirs and they must register in place of you.

What people are saying .....

” Heather Rhea Dawn, your work, teaching, and loving energy is making such a difference in my life and in my relationship. After each class I feel more and more growth, understanding and expansion. After the BodyDance Massage class my love and appreciation for him grew exponentially.

Folks, what Heather’s dealing out here is amazing transformational work. I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to open up and expand within themselves and/or within their relationship(s). If you aren’t in a relationship at this time, you will be before long with Heather’s guidance. She’s magical!! It’s like she sprinkles “sparkly love dust” on everyone that enters her space.

Thank you so much for your guidance, friendship, and love. You’re the best!! Love you! “



“Heather’s Tantric Massage evening began with a discussion of tantric principles and conscious touch and unfolded with a rich hands-on-teaching of a holistic sensual Tantric massage including body-to-body slides. She delivered the perfect balance of technical guidance and playfulness, with permission for creativity! It was a delightful Valentines treat to share with my lover. We left lovingly blissed out! Thank you Heather! “



” From the Lingam Massage Workshop: What a wonderful class! Heather is such a well-informed, articulate teacher whose words come from the heart and her many years experience. I am so blessed to know her and to have participated in her class. She was so present, so alive, attentive and engaged and so tuned in and beautifully primal as she worked on her demo model. It was moving — I felt as though I were watching someone make love.

Heather is a true Goddess at work. I felt as though I had been transported back in time to an ancient Goddess temple — feeling the beautiful melding of sweetness and primal energies flowing through them both. And kudos to her demo model for his courage, openness, vulnerability and for letting us vicariously share in his delight. Thank you Heather! Tatiana Heather is an amazing teacher and facilitator. It’s hard to believe that a few seemingly simple exercises could create such energy in a room. All credit to Heather to structuring the evening’s activities in such a way that people were ready, willing and able to be vulnerable to one another. Thanks so much, Heather. “



” I first met Heather at a Puja at Agape. I was immediately struck by her energy and vivacity. When we met again some months later at a Tantra class in Long Beach, she told me that she held her own classes up in Los Angeles. I took an interest right away in joining one of her sessions. I have attended two of her classes and have enjoyed myself immensely each time. Her attention to each participant and the freshness and joy in her leading of the groups is wonderful to feel and to share with her. As she continues her classes, I am certain that she will add new elements to keep us all interested and enjoying our awakening.” 

Jen A


” The clarity of Heather’s instruction mixed with the graceful heat of her physical/spiritual/erotic presence combined to create an atmosphere of trust and safety in which her students could explore and surrender to every juicy sensation. It was a delicious class. “

Jessica H.


 ” From a Cuddle Up Class: Heather, What a great cuddle; just the right mix of Veterans and Newbies. I got my cuddle cup nearly filled: And you know it is a pretty big cup! I smiled all the way home. With Love Michael A wonderful experience! Highly recommended for those who want to take inventory of their private space and find ways to expand it to allow for the nurturing benefits of touching and being touched in a relaxed, open environment where it’s all about connectivity in a non-sexual context. Heather guides the proceedings with an easeful, experienced grace that helps break down the built-in defenses most of us have developed over time. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed! Matt T. As always, Heather is a superb teacher and such a pleasure to listen to. I love how she shares herself so freely and so generously. Thank you Heather! “



“Heather, your course last night was incredible. Your passion and knowledge came through as you guided us to tune in with ourselves and our partner. I learned some new tricks as you coached us through different touch and I felt my creativity expand. My partner was blown away with the energy he felt between us as he just let go to receive.

You and your demo made it feel comfortable, playful and fun. Thank you both! I feel restored and excited to share connection with someone who is willing to learn with me. My partner and I felt so connected and open and I am grateful to you for sharing your practice with us.”

Kate B.

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