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Couples Session

I support couples to open to an intimacy they may have never had before…one of honesty, communication, conscious touch, Tantric love making and teaching the art of how to live consciously in relationship!

It is easy to get in a rhythm in relationship, forgetting what is truly important in life…the one we love, and with a bit of support and coaching, relationships can wake up and be exciting again! I coach couples on being deeply present with one another, learn how to pleasure each other, to be each others sexual healers and to open to more love and pleasure you never knew was possible! This work brings an authenticity that you have never experienced!


If you want to learn how to consciously clear things with your partner…you know having the hard conversations in a way that is caring, and learning how they can hear and feel you in it..I love supporting couples how to dive deeper into communication intimacy and a delicious love life, as well as how to worship each other!

Let me guide you on how to massage each other, any where from therapeutically to sensually and erotically with your hands to your full body! It makes relationships more fun!

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