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About me

As a Conscious Relationship & Intimacy Coach for Couples and Empowerment & Embodiment Coach for Women , I support men & women to open to their own divine pleasure , to inner radiant confidence with their body and inner wisdom , as well as showing couples a new way tocommunicate , touch and play sensually and sexually together! I guide my clients to fall in love with themselves , with each other and become each other’s healers , all the while helping them open their sexual aliveness and be more vibrant!
I am devoted to support men and women to learn how to communicate , in and out of the bedroom so they can have the most powerful , loving,conscious and ecstatically alive relationship ever! , I invite women into deep ceremony with me to heal trauma , let go and see the fullness of themselves as sacred and beautiful and embrace their 

Massage therapy-certified in 1989
Certified Tantra Educator(numerous teachers across the globe)
Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor
Betty Martin’s-Like a pro
Conscious Cleaning Modeling
Authentic Relating
Non Violate Communication (NVC)
Health Yoga
Contact Improv( I’am also the co-creator of Acrial Conatct.)

I spent my childhood in nature and dancing as these were my safe places , my sanctuaries. As I came from a family of unhealthy or no communication and sexual abuse , it became my mission to heal , to learn a new way to be in relationship , be with my body and to love myself fully! with help from loving teachers , partners and dedication to learn a through Vipassana, Buddhism. Tantric meditations , Taoist and sexual healing practices and with my extensive travel , I learned a different way of living , seeing and loving! My dance continues to unfold and that opened me to an intimacy I’d never known before and supported my inner empowerment and healing! I now live a vibrant , pleasure-filled life,connected to my body and spirit.I feel blessed to do the work I do and support others in opening to their esctatic selves! 

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