“I thank you for your presence in my life and for being such a potent catalyst along my path of realizing my true essence as the liberated goddess and priestess of the divine feminine and sacred sexuality I walk embodied as today. Thank you for being one of the first sister reflections in my life to help me see the power and worth I carry and offering me your tools of experience to unravel the wounding and conditioning I needed to see, embrace and let go of in order remember the truth of who I am. Remembering and declaring what I deserve in love from my relationship with myself first and foremost really is the standard and frequency I set for how others love me.”

Natasha Naugle

Healer, Ceremonialist, Mentor,Divine Love Embodied, Priestess Arts

“Heather will gently and quickly bring you fully in touch with the magnificence of your body with delightful and meaningful movement exercises. In my experience with Heather, she created a sacred space and community that made it comfortable for me to let go of my inhibitions and experience ecstasy in my body. Heather’s years of experience with movement and workshops makes her very skillful as a facilitator. I felt confident in her leadership and comfortable as she guided us through each exercise to activate energy in our bodies. I left her workshop feeling excited, alive, happy and beautiful! I would recommend Heather for any man or woman who feels inhibited or generally out of touch with his or her body and in need of life and energy for increased happiness and well-being.”

Meloney Hudson

Facilitator of women’s empowerment, transformative workshops and speaker

“Heather is a gifted and intuitive teacher who knows what I need –
even when I’m not clear. My heart has opened – I mean really opened –
since working with her. I feel closer to my self, my dreams, my relationship,
my children, my pets, my friends. For me, love is the true measure of
happiness. Heather has helped me step into my ideal life. She is a treasure.”

Baeth Davis

Hand Analyst and Life Coach

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