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Intuitive Sacred Sexuality Sessions for Women

Many women call me a Shaman, as I work from listening, feeling into their body & spirit to see what is best for them to heal…using many modalities I guide women into healing, opening, into pleasure and empowerment they have never known. Through movement, Breathwork, sound, massage, trauma release and self love practices, their hearts open to a love and do a deliciousness within themselves and in their body that they have never known. 

I offer sexual healing & body awakening hand-on healing work to release sexual trauma & shame and awaken pleasure, aliveness & radiance in your body and in your life! 

I coach on self pleasuring, how to open to pleasure, orgasm and climax. I teach Jade Egg practices, how to strengthen your pelvic floor work for more pleasure, as well as empowerment skills to live in powerful relationship with deep self love and feel whole in life and connected with your whole being. I guide you to live conscious, embodied and love filled in relationships. I coach on erotic movement, getting you into your embodied sexual/erotic self as well as more body aware!

I work intuitively, the work I do with women changes their lives, as I am listening to your body to see what you need…and I go there. Sometimes it’s hands on, sometimes it is not. If you have been raped, had a bad pregnancy, been abused, feel numb “down there”, feeling depressed, shut down or had a bad childhood or relationships…this work can build your confidence back up, release the trauma and have you feeling more alive again! 

I am here to inspire you to be your best and most empowered, pleasure filled self, in your life, sex and in your relationships!

I am not a therapist, but what I do is very therapeutic! I am not a replacement for a psychotherapist, though many have stopped seeing their therapist or seeing them less.

I offer packages for my work! I welcome you to go on this sacred journey back to wholeness, pleasure and self love!

Some of my work is hands on, and much of it I can do over Skype or Zoom!

I welcome you to your journey!

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