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Mens Session

I work with men who are wanting to have more intimacy, connection & understand the women in their lives. By understanding the feminine and how women are, it will support you to be an amazing partner, friend and lover. This effects all areas of your life, as the feminine is everywhere…including within you.

I also coach men on understanding themselves and their body better. Knowing to work with your energy, your body and how to communicate better with your partner!

I am here to support you in having extraordinary relationships with your partner, yourself and to coach you as a single man on how to be with women!

I coach on healing practices such as Breathwork, movement, body awareness, trauma release well as manifestation to call in the partner you want, if you are single.

I look forward to supporting you in your journey to healthy and loving relationships with yourself and with your partner

The base line of my work is healing. I’ve been a healer my whole life and coach for 17 years.


Things you need to know what isn’t in this work:

I do not have sex with my clients.

I do not do hands on work with my clients.

My work is done either online or in person.

A few things you need to know about me and this work…I am a Certified Tantra Educator/Kundalini Yoga instructor, Empowerment, Intimacy & Sexuality Coach, Bodyworker and most of all a Healer, this if first and foremost. My work is to empower people, to support healing and opening, create healthy relationship skills, have a better love life & to love themselves more deeply. I work with breath work, meditation, yoga, trauma release work, movement, massage, pressure points on the body, consent work and many other supportive tools to open the body, energy, release trauma and to increase pleasure and connection with spirit in all of it. It is a journey of coming back home to yourself so you can have a healthy relationship with you and your beloved.

Key note:

I do not do any sexual practices with men. I do not do any hands on Tantra work with men.

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