Ecstatic Soul Retreat

Embodiment, Connection, Community
Raise Your Vibration for Consciousness!
Play, Explore, Heal & Expand in Freedom!

Ecstatic Soul Dance, Ecstatic Breathwork with Sound Bath, Contact Improv, Tantra, Massage, Conscious Cuddling, Meditation, Authentic Connecting Skills, Cacao Ceremony, Manifestation, Kundalini Yoga!

Feel your creative energy open!

Tap into Your Bliss & Let it Shine!

Connect with Tribal Family!

3- 5 Day Retreats!


Come and create and amazing Life Together!

Dreams Come True…let’s Manifest & Play Together!

Ecstatic Soul Dance- Freeform dance to out of this world music

*Ecstatic Breathwork with Sound Bath-breathe in bliss & manifest the life you love through this powerful work, combined with the healing powers of a Sound Bath that takes you to other realms!

*Contact Improv-learn to move with others, roll, lift and flow with other bodies in dance

*Tantra-conscious connecting through presence, touch, breath & energy

*Massage-learn massage and do 4-8 handing massages on each other

*Conscious Cuddling-Cuddle up heart-fully, consciously with consent, powerfully

*Authentic Connecting Skills-learn deep connection tools to relate to one another authentically

*Cacao Ceremony-open your heart to manifest what you most desire with the support of this natural heart opener

*Kundalini Yoga-through this science we clear blocks, open to spirit, higher consciousness and healthy living

This retreat with be a life changer, a game changer…you will feel and live in life differently!

Know that magic happens here, you will fall in love with you, life and all that are here! Be ready for your life to change…as you will align with your bliss, intention & your inner truth!

 Are you ready for the a journey you will never forget?

Believe in you!
You are amazing!
Let’s do this!

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