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Dressed Naked

My Story

Born in San Jose but raised in Flagstaff, Arizona, Heather’s passion for clothing, designing and fabric started at the young age of 7 years old. She’d take her mothers clothing and tie them and drape them so she could wear them, better yet, so she could dance in them. Having them hang off of her in some flowing way, always with the softest materials that were nice to the touch and hung beautifully.

At 16 she bought her first sewing machine. She started creating pants, skirts, shirts and dresses, always things that she could dance in, feel comfortable in. In her 20’s she started making formal dresses, all backless, sensual and room to move.

In her 20’s she fell in love with fabric, going in and spending time touching all the fabrics, smelling them, realizing each fabric has a different scent, even a different color and how each  color has it’s own feel. It became a another home for her. She’s go into work each day with a new outfit. Her boss would tease her about being addicted to sewing.

After years of telling people she wouldn’t sew for them, one day she said yes and it changed something in her, seeing this man loving his new pants, a design she created and have him dance in them. Something clicked within.

Living in Los Angeles she fell in love with the downtown fabric district, going from shop to shop of clothes was such heaven for her, her home in LA, all the busyness, the rooms of fabrics, it was a different type of paradise for her.

She traveled to Indonesia to learn about batiking. As she started falling in love with dying fabrics, writing words on clothes with was and color, wanting to inspire people to think, to open their hearts with the messages on the clothes they wore and saw on the street. This will be the next stage of Dressed Naked.

After moving from LA to work on some designs, realizing she needed to be back in LA. She met the right people and all of a sudden things shifted. She met a whole new group of people.

Dreams went from dreams to reality.

A friend came into town and she tried on her pants, her friend said “I love them, I want a pair and I want you to sell them at my holiday bazaar next month”. There is something so exquisite about seeing someone light up over something you make…and right then and there the deal was signed.

In one months time her clothes went from something she’d sewn to actuality. Production started and a month later exactly she was selling Dressed Naked dance, yoga and fashion wear at her first Holiday Bazaar.  

Dressed Naked was born….after years of people asking for it. Dressed Naked got it’s name through wanting to have clothing that fit so comfortably that it was as if you were naked. Wanting fabrics that felt soft to the touch, something you could live in, dance in, dress up with style or just hang out with friends at home or do yoga in the studio.