Ecstatic Dance!!!

Wake up your soul, dance your dance, bring your passion forth, come home to you.

Heather R. Dawn


The Ecstatic Soul!

Free form, free flow ecstatic dance for the Soul. This work is to connect you with your soul, how you.....your soul, wants to move. It's a sacred dance of joy, tears, laughter, pain, bliss, embracing all of ourselves. Dancing alone, in partnership, and with the group as a whole.

Do you remember when you were a child and you heard the rhythm of some music that stirred your heart to having to bounce, jump, dance, move and shake?

Do you remember before the Ballet and Jazz classes, before your parents told you not to do that??? This space is here for you to come back to that being that danced and moved because if felt good, without caring how it looked or if you were doing it right. Here there is no right or wrong. Here is where you come home to yourself. Your dance. This is your time for you to be you and dance your dance!

Come and reclaim your dancing soul. That part of you that you may thought you lost or not allowed it to dance as your

Ecstatic Soul!

"What Need Have I For This - What Need Have I For That - I Am Dancing At The Feet Of My Lord - All Is Bliss - All Is Bliss"   -John McLaughlin-


Connect With Your Soul, Spirit, Dance
Explore Your Movement, Your Body and Soul From the Inside Out
Dance to Your Hearts Rhythm
Listen Deeply
Go In and Come Out
Dance Alone, With Others, In Contact or With Sight Contact
This is Your Time.
Come, Dance and Move Your Body!


If you'd like to have me come to your area, just drop me a note or give me a call I'd love to come to your area.


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