Heather Rhea Dawn


Clothing Designer, Facilitator/Healer/Massage Therapist

Heather’s life has been about dancing, fitness, health and healing. 


Heather Rhea started dancing in the womb. In fact the moment she came into this world the doctor took one look at her and proclaimed “this girl is going to be a dancer”. The doctor knew in one moment!

As a child Heather danced in her room for 3-5 hours a day. Since it was against her religion, at the time, to dance, she wasn’t allowed classes. So she allowed her own inner dance to come forth.

In her 20’s she explored Ballet, Jazz, Modern, got trained as an African Dance Teacher, Salsa, but nothing compared to the dance she found, felt and moved from the inside out.

It wasn’t until she was in her late 20’s when she found a free form dance class, once a month and she was devoted to that every month.

She moved to Los Angeles and that is when her dance stopped being only in her bedroom, but it became a several times weekly experience, no longer hidden by the walls of her room. She found that place to play and now it was with others.

Now she holds space for people to explore their dance, to come alive, have their ecstatic soul be seen, felt, and heard. She also performs and is starting her own performance group.

Her vision is to bring dance all over the world, to set all souls free into ecstasy!



Heather started as a healer/massage therapist/energy worker at the age of 9 years old. With a family full of back, leg problems and surgeries, she was the one the supported them out of pain. She’d do intuitive pressure points/reflexology and Swedish massage on them.

At the age of 16 years old she did her first 3 hour massage working on an ex-boxer friends back, chest and arms. This was something he’d never experienced in his life. His body went from being rock hard to slowly melting into soft tissue again.

At the age of 19, after Cosmetology school and massaging all the hair stylists, she went to massage school, trained in Swedish and Reflexology. Later she studied Thai Massage in Thailand. She created her own form of Deep Tissue that has supported many out of pain and to release stress and create relaxation in the body tissues and mind.

She has since studied Lymphatic Drainage and Scar Tissue work. All of this combined with her energy work, to release blocks, energize the cells, relax the body and refresh the spirit.


Additional Trainings/Classes:

Licensed Hair Stylist for 21 years

Personal Trainer

Dance Alive Teacher Training Program- 2.5 years of study

Yoga- Hatha, Sivananda in India




Heather has traveled extensively through 31 countries, studying meditations, cultures, dance, Buddhism, exploring jungles, back packing through wet and dry jungles, up to Mt Everest Base Camp and now she is planning on her next trip to South America to study dance and Shamanism.

Keeping the dance alive and traveling the world keeps one alive, so keep on doing both and life will only get better.


Dance is my meditation, Dance is my song, Dance is my home

-Heather Rhea Dawn-