Aerial Contact


       Build Trust

         Connect Deeply    

             Strengthen Your Body

Feel the feeling of Flying High,

Soaring through Life

On a Natural High

Aerial Contact

Balance Your Dance & feel Safe in it

Through dance, yoga, meditation & contact you’ll learn to fly you way into life.

This practice teaches how to balance, connect and communicate in our lives, feel freedom & to be present. This is a meditation practice as well as fun & a great workout!!!

What is Aerial Contact?
Aerial Contact is a movement based practice where you lift a person into the air while dancing with them in a slow,
meditative and fluid-like manner.
Strength, balance and trust are the key elements involved in this process. It will expand these qualities within you
not only in the dance but in your life.
This is a deeply connected and enriching practice, ever changing & ever expanding, as the flyer and the base.

Feel Connection to Source

Wednesdays 8pm-10pm


We will be conditioning the body to do Aerial as well as instruction on how to fly and fly others.

At Private Residence in Mar Vista, Washington Place between Sawtelle and McLaughlin

Heather Rhea Dawn is a self taught dancer, as a child she spent 3-5 hours a day dancing in her room, working with isolations, muscle control, flexibility and strength. She has trained in Dance Alive work that has taught her of body awareness and supported her in her exploration of Aerial Contact.