"Phenomenal Intuitive Bodyworker.....lordy be...  thank you so much for that glorious massage!  suffice it say, i met my intention of receiving the best massage EVER...  :)  i love that!" Christina M

"Thank you for the most amazing massage I have ever had. I'm so happy that I have found you. You are truly a master at what you do". Chuck S.

"EXQUISITE MASSAGE!!!! Wow wow wow....Like nothing I've experienced before and I've had A LOT of massages. How you do what you do I don't know. But the pressure, the depth, the blend of techinques and stretches were glorious. Thank you!" Karl W.

"I've never had anyone touch me with such intense healing energy in their hands, I felt that the moment you touched me. You truly do have healing hands" Chris W.

"I never thought a woman that is so small could get in so deep, but you did. You are so strong. I am grateful." Tom B.

"I've never had someone go so slowly to into breaking up my knots in my back before. What incredible work! You are truly a blessing to the healing world and all that comes to see you." David C.

"Heather you definitely know what you are doing. I feel in such great hands when I come to you. I've never had someone know how to use their elbows so well to get into the muscles and knots. And using your forearms, now that was AMAZING. I look foward to my next visit" Sean G.

"Thank you for such an out of this world massage. There were so many places you found that I didn't even have to tell you that was sore, you just went right there. An intuitive healer you are." Dan B

"Out of the WORLD MASSAGE! Thank you for so much caring. I've never met someone that is so fluid in their massage work, it was powerful, the pressure was great, it was perfect!" Stan T.

"I'd never had energy work done before, now I'm glad that I asked for that from you. My heart feels so much more open and my energy field feels so much freer. Thank you". Samantha K.

Heather Rhea Dawn- 424-216-2635