Therapeutic Body Therapy

Sacred Healing, Sacred Touch

"Phenomenal Intuitive Bodyworker.....lordy be...  thank you so much for that glorious massage!  Suffice to say, it met my intention of receiving the best massage EVER...  :)  i love that!" Christina M

Incremental Intuitive Healing and Massage

This healing massage method I developed, allows body let go of tension & heals the body through slow, medium to deep pressure.


Helps the body regain healthy circulation & support you to dissolve pain & tension through gentle manipulations.


Deep Tissue

Relaxes painful muscles & knots through deep pressure. Removes toxins & improves circulation.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Supports the body to detox, heal faster & relieves pain. Keeping the body functioning at its highest quality & restores health to the organs.


Scar Tissue Massage

This allows for scar tissue to dissolve through massage. This promotes better health, mobility, flexibility and possible blocks in the body physically and energetically. Massaging a scar 2 weeks or 24 years old, supports dissolving scar tissue. Promotes health, mobility, & flexibility.

Energy Work

Supports you to let go of negative or blocked energy that comes up in the massage. Promotes a healthier more energetic life and freedom of movement physically & emotionally.

Thai Massage

Gently stretching the body & muscles to relieve stress. Opening the meridians, allows healing to begin.

Sensation Tracking

This is a healing guided work unwinds the system. Healing past occurrences and stress from daily life. It allows freedom of mind & body; promotes self confident, peace of mind & heart.

Massage Sessions-Choose one or a combination of all types of massage. A combination makes for a balanced session, yet one type is whole in itís self.  

"I thought I'd gotten a massage before but now I realized that before I met you I had never had a real massage.  Thank you for the amazing massage and healing work." Wendy S.

"Magical hands, you have magical hands. Thanks for touching my life." Sam C.

"From the moment I met you and laid on your massage table, I just knew I could trust you. And trust you I got the knot out of my shoulder that had been there for years-no one could get it out, but you did. The energy work you did left me feeling so energized and relaxed all at the same time. I'd never experienced anything like that. You are a blessing and I will be back again and again. I have found my healer. Thank you". Tom H.

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My typical minimum massage is 90 minutes, however I can work up to 5 hours. So we can assess your needs and go from there. 

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*Outcalls are available for an extra fee

Located in Mar Vista on Washington Place between Sawtelle and McLaughlin.

Please call: 424-222-2517 for an Appointment

Hours of Work: Monday 10am-10pm, Wednesday/Thursday 10am-10pm, Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday 10am-5 or 6pm. It is best to call the day or two before or book a week in advance, though sometimes you can get same day appt.

Testimonials (click here)

"Thank you for the most amazing massage I have ever had. I'm so happy that I have found you. You are truly a master at what you do". Chuck S.