Conscious Loving

An Exploration of Movement,

              Sexuality, Breath & Opening to

                                 Being your Full Ecstatic Self!

Do you want to:

Feel your Ecstatic Body?

Deepen intimacy?

Ask for what you want and need from your heart?

Find safety in opening your heart and sexual center?

This work will help you feel your body, open your heart and bring more passion into your life. If you want to live in an ecstatic place where joy, bliss, passion and love merge-- this is the place for you. I create a beautiful space to share yourself fully.

· Feel safe communicating who you are, and what you want.

· Empower your whole being- sexual, spiritual, mental, physical and emotional

· Come alive and express yourself fully

· Enjoy being human and real

· Learn how to play again, and have fun

· Be sexually alive and more fulfilled in all parts of your life.

 · Conscious loving


My passion is to help people create healthy relationships so that this world is a much more peaceful and loving place to be in. As we work together, share our feelings, open our hearts and reach out to others in love we are given a true gift of bliss and ecstasy that comes from within us. I believe we are all placed here to find happiness and love from within us and to share that with others.

Conscious Touch

Speaking from the Heart-what you want and need and feel

Looking into your partners soul, see who they really are

Open your Sexual Energies together and bring them to life

Open all your senses, delight in all the you touch, smell, see




"She is a tremendous coach, acting as a therapist and guide..."

-Playgirl Magazine January 2009- Read About It (PDF file)

*I do Classes in this work and private session

with Couples and Women.*

Heather is here to serve as a healer, a guide and teacher to bring consciousness and love into relationship with others & them self. She loves supporting others to be empowered in their lives, speaking from their hearts and living authentically. Her intention is to inspire, empower, and support healing through the body, to open the mind and body to more pleasure and conscious living.
She works individually and with couples with:

  • Open & Embrace to your pleasure
  • Healing from wounds from the past - including sexual wounds
  • Feel more connected and aware of your body, energy and yourself
  • Increase intimacy in your relationship
  • Conscious touching & a deepening of communication
  • Self empowerment around your sexuality and in life
  • Open your heart to more love
  • Learning more about self pleasuring
  • How to give and receive conscious touch and pleasure
  • Go deeper connected to energy and sharing it with another
  • Pelvic floor massage for men and women for healing, empowering & pleasure
  • Opening into your sensual, sexy and erotic self
  • Teaches erotic massage and dance to couples

Heather Rhea Dawn, a teacher, coach and healer in the Tantric Sacred Arts since 2003. Starting out an intuitive body worker/massage therapist when she was 9 years old, she’s been a Certification Massage Therapist/Healer for 26 years now. Through her intuitive nature she combines massage with her study of dance and movement through body awareness and meditation with her years of study of Tantra Yoga with teachers Caroline & Charles Muir and her Tantra training in India, amongst other teachers to create each session.